900 Seconds Show 4

March 27, 2015By JobeeJamsJess900 Seconds 2 Comments

 New week new videos! Congratulations Jubilee Riots for rocking out last week and kicking O Conqueror off the top stop. Simple concept. 3 Videos. 2 Hosts. 1 Vote. So watch our intro’s to the songs (please) then watch the videos. Then vote. <div><a href=”http://www.micropoll.com/a/mpview/1139712-4832560″>Click Here for Poll</a><BR><a href=”http://www.questionpro.com” title=”online survey”>Online Survey</a><BR><a href=”http://www.micropoll.com” title=”Polls”>Polls</a></a><BR><a href=”http://www.micropoll.com/a/MicroPoll?mode=html&id=4832560″>View MicroPoll</A></div> <p>You’ve seen … Read More