Bestof2014RedDotWe’re getting close to the end of the year. It’s gonna be tough choosing our favorite songs of the year.

PS: If you ever hear someone say, “There’s no good music being made today.” Just play them a few of these tunes. If they don’t change their minds I would probably stop hanging out with them. They aren’t the kind of friends you want.

OK Nexters. Give a listen and share with us your favorite songs of 2014. Enjoy it all (spotify link below show links).

Our Favorite songs every month:
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June 2014
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September 2014
October 2014
November 2014
December 2014

Or listen to our favorite songs of 2014 all 228 of them or 13 hours and 57 minutes worth on the Spotify Playlist. Enjoy. ♫

If there are any bands/managers/labels etc that want their music removed please contact me (chris at allthingsnext dot com) and I’ll promptly remove it. Thank you, bands. Thank you for making music. Thank you for making my life better because of the music you make. I am a passionate music consumer as are my listeners. If you think NEXT streaming music is bad please think it over again. I am a music maker advocate.

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