ahead-of-the-curve2Hello lovers of new music.

NEXT is about finding you a new favorite song. We try to do this every week.

How are we doing? Have you found a new favorite song via NEXT? If yes, let us know. Leave a comment.

Let’s review a few artists that have made it. That have been played on NEXT first (maybe?). Let’s see if we are truly ahead of the curve. I’ll mention 3 artists ranging from barely before they “made” it to 1.5 years before and finally 3 years before they made it.

Then I’ll tell you about an artist that will make it (they better or else).

I must mention I don’t watch “reality” shows. Any of them. Yes, that includes all the singing competitions (but Chris you’re a music radio DJ isn’t it, like, your job to listen?) (No. No, it’s not and you shouldn’t be watching either).

I don’t get American’s love affair with “reality” shows. But we’ll chat about that later (maybe). I understand why the network’s love them (they are cheap to make) though. OK, enough about that…let’s find out if NEXT is ahead of the curve…

jesse kinchJesse Kinch

I’m quite sure NEXT was Jesse’s first radio play back on Week 352 01/23/13. Then on June 22, 2014 Rising Star began to air on ABC. Kinch ended up winning the competition. I’m quite sure he’ll get plenty of radio play now that he won “Rising Star“. He is recording now. I can’t wait to hear what he does. PS: See him live. He is a beast.


This is song is all over radio and satellite this the summer of 2014. NEXT played it first on Week 291 11.23.11 (yes you read that date right 2011). Then it was a Best song of November 2011 and a Best Song of 2011 (Week 296) too. That’s a lot of times to hear that tune. Yeah, I think NEXT was ahead of the curve on, not only, that band but the bloody song. What do you think?

collin-mcloughlinCollin McLoughlin

Collin played a NEXT happy hour. He also played the grand opening of Q in Mount Kisco (sadly that location closed but it wasn’t Collin’s fault and we still have Q in Port Chester). Then we played an acoustic cover of his on NEXT on Week 334 09/19/2012. He tried out for (and made it) the third season of The Voice which premiered on September 10, 2012. Next did pretty good playing him, no?. The rest of the America figured that out too. Great voice. Great person too. I love when that happens.

OK that’s 3 (maybe more?) times that NEXT had been ahead of the curve. So what’s next? (get it?)

knox sisterThe Knox Sister(s).
First played at a NEXT Happy Hour in April 2011. Then on Week 262 May 4, 2011 I played their brilliant version of “My Doorbell” by the White Stripes. Still one of my favorites.

Currently in the studio working on an album and when it gets released it’s gonna but all over the radio. So glad that their mom emailed (or Facebooked me?) and asked if would listen to her girl’s music.

Awesome sound. Awesome family. I love when that happens too.

Happy listening
and remember if you love someone hug them right now.


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