800px-Dire_Straits_1978_Hamburg_1Another “you pick 3 songs” question (via Facebook and Twitter). This one? Well, if you read the title of the post, focused on Dire Straits.

Every so often I ask my brilliant listeners with lovely musical taste; a simple question. This one was “What are your 3 favorite Dire Straits songs?”. I gathered all the votes (comments) and here’s what we think.

One of my favorite quotes (votes) was from Silvia, “Only three??????? Chris, I think that they, Bruce Springsteen and the Beatles were my English teachers…. and of your culture (not to mention Kate, of course!!!)”

I love those English teachers. I may have listened a bit closer in school if those were my teachers.

Was it easy? Hard?

Frank said, “Easiest question you’ve ever asked” but on the other side was Rob with “You never make it easy.” Thanks for voting/commenting.

Not in the 3 top but received votes
Calling Elvis, Industrial Disease, Money for Nothing, Tunnel of Love, Walk of Life, Skateaway, So Far Away, Down to the Waterline, Once Upon a Time in the West, One World, Les Boys, Espresso Love, Love Over Gold, Solid Rock, Lady Writer, On Every Street, The Man’s Too Strong, Your Latest Trick
3rd Most Votes
a tie
Telegraph Road and Brothers in Arms

2nd Most Votes
Sultans of Swing

Most Votes
Romeo and Juliet

Enjoy it all

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