Ahead of the Curve?

September 23, 2014By ChrisMusic 2 Comments

ahead-of-the-curve2Hello lovers of new music.

NEXT is about finding you a new favorite song. We try to do this every week.

How are we doing? Have you found a new favorite song via NEXT? If yes, let us know. Leave …

Beg, borrow, steal?

September 21, 2014By MarkGeneral, Music, My Life In Music 2 Comments
Robin Thicke, appropriately with foot in mouthRobin Thicke, appropriately with foot in mouth

So, the other day on the radio (yes, some of us still listen to that sometimes!) I heard about Robin Thicke whining that he really didn’t write “Blurred Lines,” he was just high …

Week 438 09_17_14

September 17, 2014By ChrisMusic Podcast 5 Comments

2010.07.20: Blake Mills @ Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WAHello and welcome to NEXT.

We have a simple goal: Find you a next new favorite song.

If you do find such a tune please let us know. Leave a comment.

Also if you like what you are hearing; tell …

Week 437 09_10_14

September 11, 2014By ChrisMusic Podcast 8 Comments

Jenny Queen_05039bc3-c91b-4a92-9768-a5589633005b_LHello music lovers. Glad you found us or hopefully even better this is a return trip for you. We have a simple goal: find you a new favorite song. Let’s us know if that does happen. Enjoy it all.

If …

Week 436 09_03_14

September 3, 2014By ChrisMusic Podcast 1 Comment

we were astronautsAnother month…another week…another hour of great new music.

I hope you have enjoyed listening to NEXT. If that is the case please tell a friend. Thanks.

We do this every week so I hope you and your ears come back …