music and moviesI asked. You answered (via Twitter and Facebook). Thank you for your comments. I gathered the votes. Here are our favorite music movies. I will have to say there are a few movies I haven’t seen yet. They are in my queue now. Thanks NEXTers.

1 Vote
Buddy Holly Movie, PJ 20, Sound City, True Stories, Viva Las Vegas, Monterey Pop, Don’t Look Back, Gimme Shelter, Quadrophenia, Still Crazy, Anvil, Hail Hail Rock n Roll, American Hot Wax, Wayne’s World, High Fidelity, Festival Express, From the Sky Down, Ziggy Stardust, Detroit City Rock, Sid & Nancy, Loud Quiet Loud, Dig, Big Easy Express, Footloose

2 Votes
The Future is Unwritten, Crazy Heart, Walk the Line, Once, That Thing You Do, Rock Star, Purple Rain, Tommy, La Bamba, Yellow Submarine, Scott Pilgrim vs The World

3 Votes
School of Rock, Rock n Roll High School, American Graffiti, It Might Get Loud in Here

5 Votes
Stop Making Sense

6 Votes
The Commitments

7 Votes
The Last Waltz, A Hard Days Night, The Wall

8 Votes
The Blues Brothers

15 Votes
Almost Famous

18 Votes
This Is Spinal Tap

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