best-bass-playerAccording to NEXTers as told to me (Chris Bro) via a rather unscientific poll on Facebook and Twitter. We’ve all ready voted on the best singer.

I think they did a pretty good job.

I asked for their 3 favorite rock bass players. We received almost 50 responses. Thank you NEXTers for your thoughtfulness.

1 vote
Roger Waters, Nikki Sixx, James Jamerson, Steve Harris, Nick Harmer, Nile Rodgers, Cliff Burton, Sting, Kim Deal, Mike Watt, Bootsy Collins, Michael Shuman, Bernard Edwards, Dave Hope, Cat Popper, Chris Ballew, Donald Duck Dunn, Andy Fraser, Jack White, Scott Bennert, Avishai Cohen, Tal Wilkenfeld, Adam Clayton

2 Votes
Rick Danko, Pino Palladino, Stu Hamm, Victor Wooten, John Myung, Mark Sandman

3 Votes
Chris Squire, Krisana Soponpong, Billy Sheehan, Stefan Lessard, Les Claypool

5 Votes
Flea, Geddy Lee

6 Votes
Paul McCartney

7 Votes
John Paul Jones

11 Votes
John Entwistle

There you have it. The best rock bass player ever.

Thank you for your votes. Best rock drummer next?


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