New Music Discovery.

You know why I’m here. I know why you’re here so let’s listen to a few good new tunes. Enjoy.

If there are any bands/managers/labels etc that want their music removed please contact me (chris at allthingsnext dot com) and I’ll promptly remove it. Thank you, bands. Thank you for making music. Thank you for making my life better because of the music you make. I am a passionate music consumer as are my listeners. If you think NEXT streaming music is bad please think it over again. I am a music maker advocate.

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Artist and Song Title:

Sacco – Kerosene
Temples – Mesmerise
The War on Drugs – Under the Pressure
Happyness – It’s on You
Dead Stars – Someone Else
Jake Bugg – Strange Creatures
Joseph Arthur – Pale Blue Eyes (cover)
Scream Creature – Craziest Thing
Jimi Goodwin – Oh! Whiskey
Morrissey – World Peace is None of Your Business
Withered Hand – Heart Heart
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Straight Up (cover)
Blitz the Ambassador – Success

and remember if you love someone hug them right now.


  • I’m excited to see Withered Hand on your list! I saw him play a really great set at SXSW this year, but sadly Heart Heart wasn’t one of the songs he did that night. Glad to hear it here.

  • Another week full of great music. Really like The War on Drugs “Under the Pressure”, Jake Bugg’s “Strange Creatures”, Scream Creature’s “Craziest Thing” and Jimi Goodwin’s “Oh! Whiskey”.

    Regardless of what anyone may think of Moz’s temperament and world views, he still delivers intriguing songs and is an amazing performer. Thank you for this one.

    Love, love, love Joseph Arthur’s cover of “Pale Blue Eyes”. He’s been a favorite musician/songwriter/artist of mine for several years.

    Thanks for including Blitz the Ambassador’s “Success”. I’d pretty much given up on Hip Hop for most of the reasons you mentioned, but this is a nice surprise.

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