lovehammersWe ask the music makers how they listen to music. These are their answers

Marty Casey, Lead Singer of Lovehammers:

1) How do you listen? What device(s) do you use to listen to music?
I listen all day long on my I-phone, I-pad and laptop. I have a great new pair of headphones to pump up the volume.

2) What is your favorite streaming music service(s)?
I subscribe to Spotify and Pandora.

3) Besides friends, how do you discover new music?
I subscribe to Spotify and Pandora because using these services helps me find tons of new artists and if I do not like the particular song I can fast-forward to the next song. I also find great new bands when I check out a band I like and make sure to show up early and see the opening bands. Many times one of the opening bands is even better than the band I went to check out!!

4) What new music are you enjoying this week?
I am enjoying The Wild Feathers, The 1975 and Crvrches is really blowing my mind!!!

5) Shameless Plug: Please share something you are promoting/launching/planning.
We have a HUGE show (Hammerfest) coming up on May 10, 2014 at the House of Blues in Chicago. There are only General Admission tickets remaining and you can get there here without any sur-charges:

Keep in touch with Lovehammers
Lovehammers Facebook Page:
TWITTER: @lovehammers @martycasey
INSTAGRAM: Lovehammers
Marty co-designs silver jewelry inspired by his music.
WEBSITE: for Jewelry (PS I love this)
FACEBOOK for Jewelry
TWITTER: @caseymcse for Jewlery

Thanks Marty and happy listening.
Remember if you love someone hug them right now.

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