Some song lyrics are universally acclaimed.

You have lyrics by the usual suspects: Dylan, Simon, Lennon, Costello.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people laud “the sunshine bores the daylights out of me (Jagger/Richards “Rocks Off”).

But we all have our pet lyricists, who speak to us.

I’ve been listening to Magnolia Electric Co’s. Josephine the past couple of days in the car. For the uninitated, Jason Molina, the leader of the band, is arguably one of the most criminally neglected songwriters of the past 20 years. And unfortunately, he drank himself to an early death at age 39 last year.

While there are Magnolia Electric Co. (and Songs:Ohia, Molina’s earlier band) albums I prefer over Josephine, I think Josephine has the most memorable lines.

From “Josephine:”  “I lived so long with the shadows, Lord, I became one of them.”

From “Song For Willie: “As long as there are sundowns, there will always be the West.”

From “Shiloh: “The only bridge I haven’t burned is the one I’m standing on.”

Who are your favorite lyricists? What are your favorite lines? Respond here and/or tweet me @markmorge #favoritelyrics.

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