aj vincentYou’ve listened to the musicians music but how do they listen to music? We ask 5 questions. Enjoy.

Listening with A.J. Vincent

1) How do you listen? What device(s) do you use to listen to music?
Vinyl at home, CDs in the car, and downloads from iTunes if I can’t find a hard-copy of the album.

2) What is your favorite streaming music service(s)?

3) Besides friends, how do you discover new music?
I’ll do internet searches like, “Best albums of 2014,” and then I’ll make a text document with a long list of new bands to check out that I dig.

4) What new music are you enjoying this week?
Well the album isn’t new, but I just got the vinyl version of Gotan Project – “Lunático”, and it definitely feels like a new listening experience on vinyl…

5) Shameless Plug:
I’m about to head out on a tour for my new 2014 album “Thief of Fire,” and I’ll be touring from Austin to NYC, up to Ottawa, and back down through the states from Canada. I’ll be playing at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn on April 29th with The Attic Ends and Syvia.

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