You’ve listened to the musicians music but how do they listen to music? We ask 5 questions. Enjoy.

1) How do you listen? What device(s) do you use to listen to music?

— I almost exclusively listen to music on my iPod. It’s one of those older classic models without any kind of touch screen. I think those are more durable and they can hold a lot more songs. I use this whenever I’m traveling around using any kind of public transportation or just walking on the street.

2) What is your favorite streaming music service(s)?

— As far as streaming services go, I probably use Bandcamp and Soundcloud the most. They have a great personal feel to them, which is good for smaller bands and artists. If I’m just trying to find some classic hits from the 90’s for a party or something, I’ll usually use Spotify.

3) Besides friends, how do you discover new music?

— New music comes into my life in many different ways. I might just read an article about someone I’ve never heard of and that’ll spark me to check out some songs. The other day I went to a live show and I was not familiar with any of the bands playing. I was impressed by the performances and the overall atmosphere of the show, so I decided to check out their albums afterwards. The bands at the show were The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The Hotelier, Crying, and Told Slant. The gig was at this really cool new venue in Brooklyn called Suburbia.

4) What new music are you enjoying this week?

— This week I’ve mainly been spinning the new album from Tokyo Police Club (“Forcefield”), “Home, Like Noplace Is There” by The Hotelier, “Cope” by Manchester Orchestra, “Lonesome Dreams” by Lord Huron, and “Oh, Common Life” by Fireworks.

5) Shameless Plug: Please share something you are promoting/launching/planning.

— Well, I just released my debut album “As A World Entire” on March 23rd (which just so happened to be my 23rd birthday) so I suppose that would be the most obvious thing for me to promote right now. The album can be streamed and bought on Bandcamp: or on iTunes or Amazon, as well. I hope you dig the tunes! Thanks for checking it out!

And thank you Billy.

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