So, I hate missing work for a sick day. First of all, I like my job. Second of all, I hate using up days off better spent on vacation. So, unless I’m really really really sick, I go in.

Well, maybe an hour after I posted late Sunday afternoon how excited I was to watch the Grammys, the flu hit me full-force, even though I got my shot this year. I ended up sleeping mostly straight through from 7:00 pm Sunday to 11:00 am Monday — of course, missing the entire Grammys.

In honor of all of us who have come down with debilitating flu and other bugs this coldest winter in memory, here’s a start on playlist of “sick” songs I’ll be listening to when I feel well enough. Please let us know what songs you would add — comment here at or tweet me @markmorge.

Not too soon though. After I type this list, I’m going back to bed.

Bird Flu – M.I.A.
Government Flu – Dead Kennedys
Touch Me, I’m Sick – Mudhoney
Sick and Tired – Everclear
Sick Day – Fountains of Wayne
Sick of Myself – Matthew Sweet
Rockin’ Pneumonia and The Boogie Woogie Flu – Huey “Piano” Smith and His Clowns
Love Sick – Bob Dylan
T.B. Sheets – Van Morrison

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