Wednesday 25 Nov 2015

Introducing: Sloth Monad

Sloth Monard

Texas native Sloth Monad truly is a diamond in the rough. As a DJ, Sloth knows how to mix hisĀ GenresĀ and during his live set I caught in Austin Texas he grabbed my attention as I was walking the streets. A DJ though, am I going to write an entire post about a DJ? Yes, because I didn’t just enjoy Sloth one night in Austin. I went to his weekly residency in San Antonio at Greenhouse (formally Ivy Lounge) and was reminded what I felt that night in Austin. Overall, Sloth didn’t disappoint, and he inspired this post which, by the time you see it, has been edited over a dozen times.

I had a chance to talk with Sloth, about his musical background which started with his mother as a bass player. “I grew up playing Jazz bass and drums in different bands.” As a teen Sloth confessed through sleepless eyes he moved into punk and rock music but nothing “fit him”. Sloth has a long list of musical influences but a deep love for hip-hop, and it shows in any of his sets. In the hours, spent listening to a set it’s fun to really break down what he is mixing together.

With Sloth’s passion for music, and humble demeanor I have high hopes. He is currently working on creating original music that I hope to share with you here soon. Check out the live DJ set listed below to see what you recognize before going to check out the track listing. Also, I recommend you go out on a Wednesday night. Greenhouse is located off 1604 between Lockhill Selma and Military highway cover $5.

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  1. Drosky says:

    Nobody gets down like this chain smoking purple alien. Sloth Monad. Master of all things cool. A righteous dude.


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