Sloth Monard

Texas native Sloth Monad truly is a diamond in the rough. As a DJ, Sloth knows how to mix hisĀ GenresĀ and during his live set I caught in Austin Texas he grabbed my attention as I was walking the streets. A DJ though, am I going to write an entire post about a DJ? Yes, because I didn’t just enjoy Sloth one night in Austin. I went to his weekly residency in San Antonio at Greenhouse (formally Ivy Lounge) and was reminded what I felt that night in Austin. Overall, Sloth didn’t disappoint, and he inspired this post which, by the time you see it, has been edited over a dozen times.

I had a chance to talk with Sloth, about his musical background which started with his mother as a bass player. “I grew up playing Jazz bass and drums in different bands.” As a teen Sloth confessed through sleepless eyes he moved into punk and rock music but nothing “fit him”. Sloth has a long list of musical influences but a deep love for hip-hop, and it shows in any of his sets. In the hours, spent listening to a set it’s fun to really break down what he is mixing together.

With Sloth’s passion for music, and humble demeanor I have high hopes. He is currently working on creating original music that I hope to share with you here soon. Check out the live DJ set listed below to see what you recognize before going to check out the track listing. Also, I recommend you go out on a Wednesday night. Greenhouse is located off 1604 between Lockhill Selma and Military highway cover $5.

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  • So proud of you bro, I’ve been in hiding you could say but to search you to show some ppl and see this jus blows my mind. Love ya bro and Drosky what it dew bud. Peace out

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