Week 395 11_20_13

November 20, 2013By ChrisMusic Podcast 7 Comments

New Music Discovery

Hey I need your help. I just started looked back at all the songs we’ve heard on NEXT to get ready for our end of the year best of shows. I have about 115 songs I want …

To see or not to see…

November 19, 2013By MarkGeneral, Musings By Mark 3 Comments

So, now that I’m a middle-aged (though born in the 70s — can’t take that away from me) suburban dad with limited free time and a M-F job, like many of you probably, I don’t see nearly as many concerts …

Week 394 11_13_13

November 13, 2013By ChrisMusic Podcast 3 Comments

New Music Discovery.

Share with us your new favorite. Please and thank you.

If any bands/managers/labels etc want their music removed please contact me (chris at allthingsnext dot com) and I’ll promptly remove it. Thank you, bands. Thank you for

Excited to be here

November 8, 2013By MarkGeneral, Musings By Mark 2 Comments

So, I’m the new blogger.
I’ve known Bro for about 15 years, and he’s one of the coolest guys I know, with (clearly) great taste in music.
So, what do I like? A guy at work today asked me to …

Week 393 11_06_13

November 6, 2013By ChrisMusic Podcast 1 Comment

NEXT is your place for New Music Discovery.

Hello and welcome to another month of us trying to find you a new favorite songs.

And every month we gather our favorites (you “vote” via comments here at the site, Twitter …