Sunday 07 Feb 2016

Live EP: Matt O’Ree Band

You must see the Matt O’Ree Band live. MUST. End of story.

We have had some brilliant nights of live music at Captain Lawrence Brewery but Matt and his band brought us back to 1973(ish). What did we experience? 5 songs over 12 minutes. Monster jamming. Great blues rock. Great beer. 2 songs at 20 minutes. Amazing. I hope you were there. If not, when we bring Matt and his band back you better not miss it. As I stated above, this is a must see live band.

Luckily we recorded the show. I’ll be posting an EP of the night (see below). Just a taste. If you want it all please head over the Matt O’Ree website or BNK’s facebook page for a free download. The quality of this recording is so good but you need to realize that the stage was in the warehouse of the brewery. Great place to see a show but not easy to make it sound great. Thanks again to BNK Productions for making every concert a success and making all our events sound glorious. If you need sound, hire these guys.

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  1. Thom I says:

    It was a pleasant surprise being time warped back to the day if blues based metal rock. It had substance and well executed


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