2013-We play an hour of great new music every week all in the hopes of finding you a NEXT, new favorite song. You listen and comment on this website, Facebook and/or Twitter. We read the comments. We deliberate. Sleep on it. Dream about it. Listen again. After all that, we feel that we’ve collected our favorite songs for an hour, which we call “the Best of” show. We post those favorite songs on the last Wednesday of every month.

We have 151 songs that are our best songs of 2013. Please keep listening. Please keep commenting. Please tell a friend about us too. Thanks. Listen to our favorite songs of 2013 again. Enjoy.

Best Songs of January 2013

Best Songs of February 2013

Best Songs of March 2013

Best Songs of April 2013

Best Songs of May 2013

Best Songs of June 2013

Best Songs of July 2013

Best Songs of August 2013

Do you have Spotify? Listen to all 151 songs collected in one spot (ha). Also if you have a smartphone you should download the Stitcher app. It collects podcasts from all over the world. NEXT (and over 15,000 other podcasts from KEXP, NPR etc) can be at your fingertips…always.

and remember if you love someone hug them right now.

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