Hello it’s me, Grandpa New Music. A few interesting lyrics and/or speeches have struck a chord with me (hopefully you too) lately. Of course, it’s easy to start with Mr Everywhere (improving everything too) Dave Grohl.

Lyric time. Two of my favorite performers have recently released songs that are rather apropos (or at least I think so).

Frank Turner “Four Simple Words”

Is anyone else sick of the music
Churned out by lacklustre scenesters from Shoreditch?
Oh it’s all sex drugs and sins, like they’re extras from Skins,
But it’s OK because they don’t really mean it.
I want bands who had to work for their keep,
Drove a thousand miles and played a show on no sleep,
Sleeping on the floor in a stranger’s place,
Hungry just to do it all again the next day.

and then there’s Bob Schneider’s “Unpromised Land”. I love the double negative. I use them when I can. Welcome to the Promised Land music lovers.

So everybody here
Come on and let me know
Come on and make some noise
If you love rock n roll
If you’re burned out
And if the fires died
I got the skills
To bring it back to life
I want you to know
What you do to me
I want you to understand that
Where we are is not the unpromised land

Both these songs are part of our Best Songs of 2013…so far.

Live music is good for your soul. See you at a charity concert.


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