I can’t wait for Thursday March 14. It’s a free MezzoForte and Brixton Agency production. The music starts at 10am and goes until 5. NEXT favorites Black Taxi and The Attic Ends will be playing. Do I really to say it? Black Taxi is MUST SEE LIVE BAND. MUST SEE PEOPLE.

I will be seeing A Fragile Tomorrow for the first time and I’m sure I’ll be adding them into the category of NEXT favorites. Dune Rats sound way too fun. Plus they are coming from Australia. Bonus points for furtherest travelled. You need to check out their video on WTR this week too.

I’m excited to check out Marmalakes (highly recommended by Travis and Travis knows music). No Way Josie bring their laptop down from NYC. I hear they are dance-a-rific and there’s a rumor that Vales just kick ass.

I’ll see you around Austin but the only place I can promise you’ll find me (and you never make promises at SXSW) (and yet I am promising this time) is The Parish for this Day Party.

PS: I love the poster

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