536916_10200113980483930_1007928260_nThe boys of O Conqueror have a lot coming up! The band is excited to announce plans to play SXSW March 15th at Saxon pub and Austin Specialty Beer Festival benefiting the Boys and Girls Club.

The Beer Festival is a 1-day beer festival specializing in unique beers with over 80 beers from around the world and some from Austin Texas.

The bands lead guitarist Justin Green is a fan of the Boys and Girls Club. Having children of his own, Isabel 5 and William 11 months, Justin commented, “If something happened to me I love knowing things like the Boys and Girls Club is around for them if they need it.” He also continued with, “We hope this will be the first of many charity gigs we play.”

The band has expressed interest in giving back to the community of Austin as much as possible due to feeling so blessed to be able to play music in the city they love. So be sure to check out O Conqueror at the Beer Festival February 23 and March 15th at SXSW.


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