The Fake holiday edition. We celebrate Valentine’s Day.

In this episode:
VD (Fake Holiday) and why I don’t celebrate it and beanbags…always beanbags and Chris gets deep with the difference between Listening and Hearing
Video: REM “The One I Love”
Don’t listen to Adele while driving.
Video: U2 “One”
Creepy “fake love” songs and teaser of Robin Sparkles
Video: The Police “Every Breathe You Take”
Video: Dave Matthews Band “Crash Into Me”
Quirky Love Song plus a mini review of Jack The Giant Killer
Video: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes “Home”
Realistic Love Songs – Is Chris feeling VD? Might he celebrate it this year?
Video: The Beatles “Something”
Video: The Beach Boys “God Only Knows”
We’ve covered Fake Love and Realistic Love how about LUST?
Video: Prince “Gett Off”
You’ve made it this far and treat
Video: Dick in a Box
Goodbyes and Cornhole

Based loosely on this post from a few years back.


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