If you follow me on twitter you knew this was coming…

The second San Antonio Cocktail Conference was by all account a smashing success, but that is not to say a few slips didn’t happen over the long weekend. This year the conference benefited HeartGift San Antonio but after seeing a few drunken heart surgeons hitting on hot tamales at the different parties I wonder was it really all for the kids? Just kidding we were all drunk those nights so who really remembers anything after the seminars.

Thursday Night


Opening night (or as I like to call it the calm before the storm) was bigger than last year and less stuffy at the Majestic Theatre. The open area and drink level floors allowed for people to flow freely from drink to hors d’oeuvre without line monitors (I would experience that later in the week). This year opening night also had an array of drinks that not only featured what a savvy bartender can create but some classics for the local that for whatever reason wanted a margarita at the cocktail conference. FYI the lavender margarita was my favorite drink that night.



The next day with the conference in full swing you could see the pros and home bartender alike walking around to different seminars but the tasting room lacked any action till Saturday. I missed Friday nights boat booze cruse but last year was great. The only bad news I received was one bar was out by 9 but my beloved SoHo made an impress on everyone that night just as it did to me last year.


I guess on Saturday word got out that it was only $10 to get in to the tasting room so on Sunday the crowd was differnt from Friday. Things became fuzzy this day but I do remember a young couple looking lovingly into each others eyes and saying, “This is the best $10 we have ever spent.” Young love they always know where to find a good deal.

After the tasting room I hit up The Friendly Spot for a beer social hour in a blissful buzz and started singing Friends In Low Places with my fellow bus buddies. I had a good time being surrounded by beer and even ran into a few friends plus met some new ones. I finally had a taste of Branchline Brewing Co. a San Antonio production brew. Check back later for more info on Branchline because I want more beer from them soon. I also hit up St. Arnold Brewing and met the lovely Nicole who made sure to give me a full glass of beer.

That night I made a quick costume change in my car and managed to keep the people of San Antonio from seeing my ass but later that night my ass came out all over twitter. I first hit up Bohanan’s which was unfortunately too crowded to get a drink but I did stand near the kitchen and grab some appetizers. One thing can always be said about Bohanan’s they have great food I had the stuffed mushrooms and bacon wrapped quail.

I didn’t make it to every bar that night just to the Brooklynite and 1919 they only had three busses running and two dropped off at the same time at 1919 only to leave us stranded at a bar that had just run out of alcohol. I loved the Brooklynite but felt bad for 1919 it was dark cramped and one guy even said,”Time to go back into the rape dungeon.” Overall I did not get a good feel for 1919 but I do however want to go back.

Saturday night was a disaster experience for me but I have faith that next year will be better.


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