avatars-000008783478-vkwl5z-t200x200If you love the sound of folk singer songwriters then check out Jesca Hoop’s rearranged classic debut Kismet. She has added a few unreleased; as well as two never before heard tracks for The Complete Kismet Acoustic. Her simple two guitar arrangements allow for her haunting voice to shine through on this 13 tack 55 minute album.

Now if you have never experienced a live show from Jesca this album is a audio sampling of sorts for the song bird. As Jesca puts it his album was created with the help of “dear friends in Los Angeles USA” and “with homies in Manchester UK.”  Her music is consistent and this album is a strong reflection of that.

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The Complete Kismet Acoustic track listing:

Out Of The Back Door
Seed Of Wonder
Love Is All We Have
Intelligentactile 101
Havoc In Heaven
Reves Dans Le Creux
Love & Love Again
Worried Mind

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