Welcome to the first new show of new music on NEXT of 2013. I think we start the year off right. What was your new favorite song?

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Artist and Song Title:
Local Natives – Heavy Feet, Johnny Marr – The Messenger, Fierce Bad Rabbit – Beliefs, Shout Out Louds – Walking In Your Footsteps, Roger Water w/ Eddie Vedder – Comfortably Numb (Live), David Bowie – Where Are We Now?, Mikky Ekko – Pull Me Down, Everything Everything – Cough Cough, Royal Teeth – Wild, Churchill – Change, Bruno Mars – Money Make Her Smile, O Conqueror – Greatest Day, Hey Rosetta! – Young Glass


  • Well my fave 2 this week are:
    *Roger Water w/ Eddie Vedder – Comfortably Numb (Live)
    *Churchill – Change (I love this band’s sound)
    Bruno Mars was good but it did not put me over the top.

  • The Bad: David Bowie should post a warning with his song. Do not listen while operating heavy machinery as drowsiness can occur. Roger and Eddie didn’t thrill me with that cover, sorry not a PJ fan. I did enjoy Fierce Bad Rabbit. More to come later…….

  • Thanks Thom. I’m digging that Churchill tune too. More and more.

    Hey Lou. Thanks for listening. As I’ve stated in the past and should continue to ask for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Glad there were no uglies. Yes the Bowie is slooooowwww. I think I need another few listens before I make a final judgement. PJ is awesome and will welcome you into the fold and Vedder nails that version. Now Fierce Bad Rabbit is making me smile. Album of the year so far.

  • No uglies here, after all they’re someone’s babies. But here are my favorites in no particular order

    Fierce Bad Rabbit, Shout Out Louds, Royal Teeth , Churchill, O conqueror, Hey Rosetta

    Great listener choices this week.

  • Thanks for the shout-out! Royal Teeth seem like a fun band to see live, remind me of Givers. Great songs – loving Churchill and O Conqueror as well as Royal Teeth and I love Bruno Mars!

  • Sorry for taking so long to comment…Bowie put me to sleep and I just now woke up.
    Gonna have to add to the votes for Churchill. Very catchy!
    Also liked Comfortably Numb even though (and I’m so sorry to say this) I’m not always that impressed by Vedder.
    Not a fan of Bruno Mars at all…can’t believe that you would play him before my beloved Sixx AM!! What’s up with that?

  • Comments are welcomed anytime Mary. Thanks for taking the time. Haha on Bowie. Well played though.

    Churchill is going to be huge this year. I’m sure AAA stations will be “waking up” to that one soon. Or at least they should be. I really should be a MD at a station somewhere. Don’t you think?

    Maybe this will change your mind on Mr Mars.

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