Saturday 13 Feb 2016

Episode 13

900 secs ep 13 – Fall Classic from Shane Mcgaffey on Vimeo.

2 Guys. 2 videos (music videos, no less, remember those?). 1 Vote.


  1. Rob Kingston says:

    I struggled with this one.

    I really like what I’ve heard from the Sheepdogs and “The Way It Is,” is an awesome song with a really fun video – in a warped kind of way – that ends on a perfect note – as you pointed out.

    But, I am a big Dinosaur Jr fan. I’ve said before here, so I’ll say it again, how many bands make a comeback and start putting out records as good or better than they did in the original hey-day the way Dino Jr has? And Start Choppin’ is a favorite of mine from the hey-day.

    So in the end, I couldn’t vote against Dino Jr. Score one for Jim.

  2. Chris says:

    It’s tough to go against classic Dino Jr

  3. lucxie says:

    When do we look forward to the “next” 900 seconds?!?

  4. Chris says:

    When Jim gets un-busy and PCTV gets power back. Hopefully this week.

    Thanks for watching.

  5. lucxie says:

    Sorry, Jim. I voted for Sheepdogs. I am a big Black Keys fan and the video reminded me of the humor in the TIGHTEN UP video. Would be great to see this great band in this area.


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