This week is our CMJ review. Join us to hear these bands on Saturday October 20th at Mercury Lounge.
Set times:
7pm Black Wing Halo
8pm Wild Adriatic
9pm The Modern Electric
10pm Deadbeat Darling
11pm Quiet Company
1am The Frontier Brothers
2am Sphynx

Please listen to NEXT on Ocean 98 in Maryland Sunday nights at 10. Join us as we live chat (scroll down to the bottom of this post)

It’s an easy way to help NEXT. Please use this iTunes link to purchase any songs you like. I get a few pennies if you do. Thanks.

Artist and Song Title:
Black Wing Halo – Welcome to the Show, Wild Adriatic – Letter, The Modern Electric – David Bowie Save Us All, Deadbeat Darling – Surf India, Deadbeat Darling – Insomnia and Salvation (live), Quiet Company – Are You a Mirror?, Quiet Company – You Me & the Boatman, Black Taxi – Up Here for Thinking Down There for Dancing (live), Black Taxi – Hand, The Frontier Brothers – You Should Start a Band, Sphynx – Orbs, Wild Adriatic – Someone Like You (cover), Quiet Company – In Between Days (cover), The Modern Electric – It’s a Man’s World (live cover), Black Taxi – Misirlou (live cover)


  • Seems like I’m running late for everything these days – I finally just finished listening to Week 337. The bands that stand out for me are Deadbeat Darling, Black Taxi, Modern Electric and Quiet Company. But from 9 pm on, it sounds like an awesome show. I can do without the two early bands – though there was some nice guitar in he second band – I just wasn’t wild about the overall sound.

    My 2 cents. Good luck with the show – wish I could be there.

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