Two words:
it’s good to have this trio back.

BFF don’t say this but show it. They appreciate it and they love the crowd back. It’s what live music is all about. It’s good for your soul. Last night at The Capitol was a brilliant reminder so anyone that has forgotten that.

They just release of “The Sound of the Life of the Mind” their first new album since 1999. (and their amicable breakup that followed that tour)

I love the music but it’s also the humorous chatting between songs that has endured Ben to his fans.

Last night “we” chatted about regional differences with the keyword being ass. He said he liked the way the East pronounced it and asked for the crowd to yell “sister’s ass”. Which some did. To come full circle he ended Army with “I was thinking a lot today…I thought about (and instead of the Army) he finished with “sister’s ass”. Well played young man. Well played. Ben talked about the “Middle C cover” and much more.

I thought the playlist was a good mix of old favorites and new tunes. Sometimes a bit jarring though. A few upbeat numbers (you know it’s going to a good one when Ben stands, legs apart, ready to attack the song). Really get us going then…slow down. I guess it’s better than a bunch of slow tunes bunched together. There was a party feeling as I said it felt like a mutual love fest. We were all happy to be together. It felt right. My favorite pairing was “Song for the Dumped” right into “Army”. It was magical. It was good for one’s soul.

The Capitol is gorgeous but not quite finished but you hardly notice nor care. The main thing is the stage (perfect) and the sound (brilliant).

A fan’s recording at the show. Thanks @JoeyMadonna


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