Straight out of Texas and rocking hard, The Hanna Barbarians mix rockabilly with psychedelics in a way only southern boys could create. I sent a few questions to lead singer Blake Parish about the music and the upcoming album release in 4 parts.

What inspires you to create music?
Being a six piece band our musical influeneces are all over the place, but one thing we come together on is our community. Fort Worth has a myriad talented musicians and artists that are very supportive of each others endeavors and to be a part of that is incredibly inspiring. Inspiration can come from anywhere so we feel it is important to be tuned in to what is happening around you, whether on a global or local scale.
What gave you the idea to release an album in 4 parts?
Releasing our music in a series this way helps us to stay involved in the process and continually be writing, recording, playing and releasing. Our producer on this project, Will Hunt, pitched the idea to us and it seemed to make sense to us. As a smaller band these days it seems to be easier to keep people’s attention and keep them coming back for more when we release this way, rather than release 1 album every 12-18 months. We do still plan on releasing the full album with a few extra tracks after releasing vol. 1-4 of the Spaceway Sessions too…
So what exactly can you tell me about the upcoming Spaceway Sessions?
Spaceway Studios is an amazing place to work in and Will Hunt is a brilliant producer. As opposed to our first album, which was mostly done live and on tape, our work with Spaceway has been multitracked and all digital. The material itself is much more diverse, with a wider range of moods and instrumentation than our first album as well. We got to take our time on these tracks individually, and that is reflected in the recordings.
So what happens if the end of the world comes and I am stuck wondering what the other 9 tracks were like?
Well if the end comes you probably won’t have to worry about us for very long… As I said before our new stuff is more diverse so you’ll just have to hope the Mayans were wrong and wait till you can hear the new tracks for yourself.
Lastly what is the most important part of your live show? The music has a lot of energy and I was into it while writing questions but I want to know what it would be like live.
The energy is a huge component of our sound an our live show. The more energy we get from the crowd, the more we return it from stage. We never want to give you the same show twice and we like to pride ourselves on staging events that are memorable and will guarantee you’ll be back next time we play your favorite venue.


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