Thursday 11 Feb 2016

Contest Winner “Box o CDs”

While I prefer albums (or MP3s they are just so easy) I am sending CDs to the winner of the “leave a comment – get in the drawing” contest. It’s simple: leave a comment at (on?) any of the posts at our website and you’ll be automatically entered to


Congrats to Kathy our first winner. I hope you enjoy your new CDs.

and remember if you love someone hug them right now.


  1. Thom I says:

    Chris, Highland isn’t that far and a nice family fall drive. LOL

  2. Peter McCartt says:

    Hey Chris!
    Have to love the Lagunitas IPA! Keep up the good work!
    Whisky Pete

  3. Michele aka Mick says:

    Here’s a deal…when you pick my name, I will send you some New Glarus Beer to you :-).

  4. Chris says:

    Well played Peter and Mick that’s a deal. I like the Spotted Cow.

  5. Greg S says:

    This kind of contest is why I love America. Speak your mind and get great music!

  6. Chris says:

    Nice Greg. And now you’re entered. So easy. Why doesn’t everybody do it?

  7. cat the great says:

    wait more comments = more chances! what what what?

  8. cat the great says:
  9. Peter D. says:

    Shwag is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity. New music is always good, and the feel of holding it in your hands WHILE listening to it is far better than any MP3 or audio podcast stream. Just sayin…

  10. Peter Brown says:

    Well, it’s Thursday afternoon. And I have two more new songs this week for my daily playlist. Ok, simple math (2 songs x 52 weeks a year) + (2 songs x 12 Best of shows) = 128 new songs a year. That’s a good day of listening while working. Thanks NEXT!

  11. Mark Nadasdi says:

    I’d rather be thinking about what’s NEXT in music, than thinking about what’s NEXT in politics.

  12. Chris says:

    Yes Cat more comments = more chances.

    Mark that is brilliant. I need to tweet that.

    I like your math Peter. Thanks. My goal is a new favorite song. I’m glad you bumped it up to two.


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