A few day’s ago I stared a Go Fund Me page for a trip to SWN Festival. I am now turning

to all Nexter readers to fund my trip so I can find new music and give you news, interviews and exclusive American coverage from a UK festival. I have full support from the festival organizers and now all I need is you!

It is crazy to ask for money in this economy, I know. But life is short and I had a clear reminder of that this past Tuesday when a close family friend passed. I decided right then and there to do something impractical and now have decided that any money that I do not use will go to the American Cancer Society. So please visit my GoFundMe page and donate.


Also make sure to take a look at the Festival page and if I do make my crazy goal then let me know who you would like me interview.

Some people I hope to interview:

Django Django (do a search Chris has them all over the website)

We’re No Heroes

Charlotte Church

A Girl Called Ruth

Causal Sex

The Bright Young People and many more…





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