Hello music lovers. Another end of the month “Best of” show. So please let us know what your best of the best was in th

e comment section. Thanks.

Please listen to NEXT on Ocean 98 in Maryland Sunday nights at 10. Join us as we live chat (scroll down to the bottom of this post)

It’s an easy way to help NEXT. Please use this link to iTunes to purchase any songs you like. I get a few pennies if you do. Thanks.

Artist and Song Title:
The Heavy- What Makes a Good Man?, Chappo – Hell No, The Sheepdogs – The Way It Is, Rival Sons – Keep on Swinging, The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather, Swim Deep – King City, Archie Powell – Crazy Pills, Glint – Guided, David Byrne & St Vincent – Who, Cat Power – Silent Machine, Ben Folds Five – Michael Prytor Five Years Later, Lee Fields – You’re the Kind of Girl, The Avett Brothers – Pretty Girl from Michigan, Benjamin Gibbard – Teardrop Windows, Patterson Hood – Disappear

Live chat here Sunday at 10pm


  • Hey, where’s Monogold in this list? Oh, well it’s still a pretty good list 🙂 – David Byrne and Lee Fields are 2 favorites… Might I recommend 3 bands that maybe you have heard, maybe not… (and this is NOT self promotion, I promise!)

    1. Twin Sister
    2. The Ruby Suns
    3. Tiny Victories

    Just 3 indie bands I have grown to love…you should check em out, I’m sure the Nexters will dig em!!!

    Thanks Chris for spinning the Indie Music, we need more in this world!

  • Thanks Jared

    Actually I think I have them in the queue.

    Also I love hints from my NEXTers as I am but one man and can’t get everywhere. I’ll look them up and listening.

    and Brig with the nifty. Love that. Brilliant.

  • Like my DVR, my Next Shows seem to be stacked up. Will download and listen this weekend! Thanks for all the GREAT music…. 🙂

  • Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than August, along comes September! If I named all the songs I really liked, I’d name just about all of them – except Ben Folds – sorry, but I found it disappointingly awful. But I will call out four runners up: The Neighbourhood, The Sheepdogs, Cat Power and The Avetts.

    But if I had to pick just one favorite, it would be David Byrne and St. Vincent. I love the song and love the album. So curiously refreshing.

  • Thanks Rob. I just recorded the “comment leaving” winner but you’ll be included for Next week.

    I hate to sad it but yes the BF5 is a wee bit disappointing. Still seeing them live. Alway fun live.

  • No worries. I was late to the game. I like to share my comments regardless of a prize… not that I’d turn down the bag O’ CD’s if I won it 😉

  • It took 3 weeks of repetitive listenings Michael Prytor … To get it right, I like it more and more. Give it a second listen Nexters.
    David Byrne and St Vincent is little stale, no.
    September favorites, Guided, Archie Powell and Chappo Hell of songs
    Thank you again, Chris.

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