NEXT_Jan13-VER2We bill these charity concerts as a night full of “Great Beer. Great Music. Great Cause.” and last Friday night with the brilliant and wonderful My Pet Dragon from Brooklyn was spot on. Did we have Great beer? Check. Great music? Check. Great cause? Check.

Rockin’ Reena
The stage was set (skids piled high) and soundcheck was done. We had a quick conversation. Should MPD split their setlist in half for a “beer break”? Well we are at a brewery. That made perfect sense. I am not one to argue with solid ideas. Thanks Todd for that brilliant idea.

We are ready for another charity concert at Captain Lawrence Brewery.

MPD and some radio guy

It’s a tough room for sound. It’s a brewery. Echo is an understatement but BNK Productions came through again. My Pet Dragon sounded great. Their straightforward indie rock blends gloriously within a brewery. Dare I say a perfect match? Then we add keyboardist Reena Shah’s interpretive dance moves in the mix. It’s a mesmerizing live show.
Reena and her magical tambourine

You know it’s a good show when the band comes back for part two and states “this could get interesting” referring to the great beer the band had been enjoying. Or as Todd exclaimed prior to starting “Moonshine” that this was “the perfect drinking song” and asked us to “Sing Along…or “Drink Along”. Ball Bustin’ Brown was a favorite of the night.
Kate Snow (NBC), Chris (NEXT), Reena (MPD), Brian (BNK)

Part three is around the bend. You should come out and bring friends. The Captain Lawrence brewery a perfect (and very cool) place to watch these up and coming bands before they start playing places like The Capitol.

We have a great band out of Cleveland coming in to town on Oct 18th called The Modern Electric. If you’re a fan of piano rock and/or having a great time watching music played live then you’ll enjoy them. See you soon and thank you.

Want more?
Dragons invade brewery” from Captain Lawrences “Notes From the Tasting Room”

A few words and a few pics from last Friday’s My Pet Dragon performance at Captain Lawrence brewery via BNK Producation.

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  • This concert was amazing. The whole band was so personable and the host couldn’t have done a better job. I am surprised no one has said anything since. So, here I am giving praises to a great concert and great charity. And I don’t require an incentive like a bag of cd’s to comment (But it’s nice and appreciated). This site and all that it does is above and beyond the source of my newest music. A main bookmark in my net traffic.

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