Science meet poetry via god plus some math (other things too). I’m quite sure the math is right. The science, too, seems solid

but that’s not what you’ll be talking (thinking) about.

It’s a wonderful tale of creation. How you feel about god will affect how you feel about this book however.

god is a “young” (even though the immortals are ageless right?) being hanging out in The Void with his aunt and uncle (who remind me of a Monty Python skit anytime they open their mouths) (or maybe Miracle Max and his wife, the couple from Princess Bride). One day god wakes from a nap and decides it’s time to do “something”.

god creates the universe, then observes. Life emerges on various planets. god likes it. god is bothered by suffering all-the-while observing. Not intervening just watching. Occasionally he talks to a few other immortal beings about it. He walks around a lot doing nothing (a lot of naps too) (it’s a tough job). god just watches the universe until the universe dies.

I liked Einstein’s Dreams better but maybe I should re-read that one.

Still working on The Pale King (liking it) and just picked up Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton (which was what my Papa was reading on his iPod before he died). I think I’m finally ready to read it.

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