Time for another edition of The Other Song where we look back fondly at a one hit wonder and say “Hey didn’t they have another song?”. The answer is yes and sometimes it’s pretty evident why the band only had one hit and other times not so much. No

t sure where today’s song fits but you e the judge. Today we take a look at the band Candlebox. Cut from the 90’s Seattle band cookie cutter their main hit was a song called “Far Behind“. If you don’t remember it I’ll allow you to click the link and check it out. Go ahead I’ll wait. It’s a pretty good song but maybe their problem was that every other band at the time sounded and looked exactly like them. Candlebox’s follow up single was a song called “You”. I thought it was a better song but it never really broke through. Candlebox released more albums but never reached the same heights. Below is their “other song”. Enjoy.


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  • Lisa Gerrard my ass, such an album (Mantras of a Lost Archetype) has never been released, what you have is fake medely of various songs/artists. This song here is Otkrovenie.

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