Seriously. I took one for the team. I hope you never have to hear this song. In fact, if

you only listen to NEXT podcasts then you are safe (woo crisis averted).

I host a new music. I listen to new music. I listen to almost everything. Today I listened to Taylor Swift’s “We are never ever getting back together”. I was thinking maybe I’m missing something (short answer: I’m not missing anything).

Look at the title? What is she 11? (actually I think she is quite close right?) I know the Knox Sisters are younger than her and their song titles are more mature. Right there you lost points.

In fact, I’m losing faith in America when this song goes to number one.

The video I saw was the “lyric video” not sure if there’s a “real” video. Not sure I want one (Please no). Anyway this video was quite alright (really? yes really) but the lyrics themselves…Just…Awful (I’m not shocked. I mean if Friday can become a hit…why try? Right?).

I am beginning to think she dates jerks just so she can write a song about the breakup.

There is nothing in this song that is catchy. Nothing. Oh and the talk break. Holy balls it’s like, totally fifth grade.

Maybe she lost a bet and this song was the result.

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