Fresh rock from New York Mon Khmer came out with Dreamers August 7th. With tracks like ‘Dreamers’ to ‘Close to Nothing’ the tracks float across the air. The music is a mix between David Bowie and Air. It’s soft but with a hard guitar edge to it. My favorite track is ‘You Better Run’, it’s light drumming and sensual singing makes for a edgier track on the album and a great note to close on.

The title track ‘Dreamers’ has a video shot in North East India (shown above) and I sent some questions to Hammer the lead singer of the band. What came out was insight into his background and a love of  hot sauce. Read below for more:

What inspired you to name the band Mon Khmer?

I was researching the language that is spoken by people in my hometown (Shillong. Meghalaya) and I found that it belonged to the language family – Mon Khmer. I liked how it sounded and looked written down.

In a world full of bands being exposed via the internet how do you stand out?

I focus on writing music i’d like to hear and preparing to play them live. I believe that’s the only way to stand out in the long run.   

The video for Dreamers was shot in India. It is a strong visual representation of the song but why India? 

I was going back in the winter to visit my parents. We needed a video for the song and i had already talked to my friend Russel Cramer (Cinematographer) about shooting something there. It made sense to shoot in India but you gotta keep in mind that’s its a relatively unknown region …even within the country most people have not been there or know about the people and traditions. its my little tribute to where i grew up

Everything about that video is great. How did the project come together?

There was not much planning involved. Once we got to India we used all the resources available through family and friends. A lot of it was improvised and since there’s no real storyline we shot a lot of the landscape and improvised along the way. Its still very cheap to rent gear in India and there was no need to acquire insurance, licenses, permits etc. 

What are some of your influences?

David Bowie, Air, Can, Erasmo Carlos, Ennio Morricone, Burial, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Where do you want your music to be in 50 years?

Thats pretty far into the future. i’m a hot pepper freak and would love it if they played Mon Khmer at the launch of the worlds hottest sauce in 2062
Download the Dreamers EP on iTunes and Amazon today. 

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