by David Mitchell

This was one of my summer reads (how did I not read this book before now?) and at the time I didn’t realize that it was being made into a movie (how did I not know this?). After reading it I don’t know how they could make this into a movie (but they did make Lord of the Rings so there’s hope). Also they let The Matrix guys, the Wachovskis, direct. There is hope.

This book has it all. Action, romance, cloned humans (used as slaves), humor and touching moments too. A main theme of the book is “To the victors go the spoils” (and the writing of history) (or maybe the re-writing of history). Another is that were are connected.

This is a bizarre book. It’s not easy. It’s six slightly linked stories. It’s a maze. It’s a literary “russian doll”. It’s brilliant. It’s thought provoking and one you should find yourself pondering.

I had to search out the trailer. Looks good.

I finally started reading David Wallace Foster’s last book. I’ve been hold off the reading of it for too long.

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