I hope you’ll join us at our new home.

Great beer. Great Music. Great Cause.

The Next charity concert series is very happy to be joining the Captain Lawrence Brewery as we continue to help local, Westchester charities.

We know the Where (and the Why).

Here are the When’s (so mark your calendars):

Thursday August 23rd: Black Taxi
Friday September 21st: My Pet Dragon
Thursday October 18th: The Modern Electric
Thursday November 29th
Thursday December 13th

The Who’s (you ask, good question) we’ll get that information to you as soon as we can. So please stay in contact (here on the website or Twitter or Facebook).

We are looking for sponsors. If you are interested please contact us.

The Facebook Event page.

See you at Captain Lawrence Brewery soon:

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8 live eps of our charity concerts
Thank you for supporting Next, Live Music and Listening to new music (expand those horizons and continue to grow)

and remember if you love someone hug them right now.


  • I’d love to know more about this – band performing, time, charity that will benefit, etc. Plus what will be the cost to attend? Can you email me with the information when it’s available?

  • Hello Susan

    Thank you for your interest. I just added the bands that I’ve booked. Doors at 7:30. Music at 8:30. Charities will vary. Cost will vary (between $5 and $10) Most of the time $5. It’s 21+. Don’t miss either of these bands. Amazing live (plus they are brilliant people too).

    Any more questions? Ask away.

  • Hi Chris, Kate gave me the address to your 900 Seconds page–neat!–with the suggestion of connecting with you and covering your organization and/or one of your events in a feature. Unfortunately, I will be out West on Aug. 23rd, so will miss that event, but would definitely like to come to the one on Sept. 21. Or we could maybe dicuss other ideas for a feature.

  • Hello Lee

    Thanks for watching. Bummer. Seriously don’t miss this band. It’s worth changing your plans. I promise you it wouldn’t suck.

    We’ll see you on Sept 21st (another brilliant Brooklyn band)

    My email
    chris at allthingsnext dot com or get it via Kate.

    • Hi Chris, thanks for the fast reply! That is a family reunion weekend in Denver and so would be difficult to cancel. You know, I saw the promo for their show at Paulie’s a while back, and now wish I had gone. Anyway, I am on my girlfriend’s computer today and so will email you when I get home tomorrow, as I would love to meet up and discuss other story ideas so we don’t have to wait till Sept. Best, Lee

  • Hey Lee

    Sorry for the long reply. I was in France. Enjoy your family and we’ll see you in September. A brilliant band called My Pet Dragon.

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