This has been a year flooded with gay rights and coming out and with that there is a slew of people ready to sling hate. As upsetting and frustrating as this is for people who have to deal with the negative comments I found a new song from Macklemore a comfort.
The one thing I love about this song is how Macklemore has quoted Corinthians 13:4 with “Love is patient love is kind” at the end. This is something a close friend admitted to me just yesterday was her favorite bible verse. I discovered this during a conversation about how people keep using God and religion as a way to make them selves feel better when they gay bash.
Religion and God are not the problem. The problem is the people that keep commenting and spreading hate. This song is a strong reminder that that a lot of us are together in this fight for human rights. This song is a reminder that not all people who believe in God run around spreading hate. So let’s keep circulating the song and use this as a power anthem for how we feel. Let us all stand and remember that “love is patient, love is kind” and use it the next time we see someone slinging hate toward someone. Take a listen and if you like it please share it.


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