O Conquer could easily be chunked with any other mellow alt rock band in Austin. So why am I writing about an album that will not see the light of day till November? Because they are not just another mellow alt rock band from Austin, they are a mixture of what I want from music out of Austin. O Conquer is simple and lyrical not bells and whistles with a flash of gimmick. I didn’t need the mastered tacks because this is not the type of band that dose anything other than play their instruments well against a color of strong lyrics.

The band has pulled together a collection of 8 songs that to me are a strong representation of life in your 20’s. In your 20’s you go through highs and lows all while trying to find a place in life. “Fake Love” is the standout track for me and I cannot wait for you to hear it. The song is for anyone who has been in a relationship and felt forced to make it into something more or something else. It was a different perspective that I had not lyrically experienced in a song but had in fact experienced in life.

Overall the album is for the broken hearted and lost. If you are looking for the next radio hit this is not it, but this will keep you warm at night when you feel lost and alone. You can keep an eye out for it in November or go to the O Conqueror website and join the e-list for two free tracks and get a feel of what I am talking about. Then if you like it they will let you know more when the album comes out.

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