Joe Paterno was a vile human being.  Yes it’s true.  As far as sports figures are concerned he’s right up there with OJ Simpson in the “scum of the earth” category.  Joe Paterno got off easy by dying before he had to answer for his sins, at least in this world.  I’m pretty sure he’s had to answer for them in the next.  Joe Paterno and the rest of the higher ups at Penn State, who were in charge at the time, are just as guilty as Gerry Sandusky.  There are those who defend Joe Paterno by pointing to all the good things he has done.  Some say you should not judge a man on only the negative things he’s done.  However if the negative thing is this heinous a man has to judged by it.  If a person, in their youth, holds up a bank and then later in life realizes the err of their ways then yes by all means that person should not be solely judged on the negative.  When a man who is in a position of great power and influence turns a blind eye to the most heinous act that can be committed against a child over and over again he should most definitely be judged by that action or lack thereof.  Joe Paterno is a coward.  He was afraid to do what he knew full well was right.  He was afraid to do the right thing because he might get some bad publicity.  If he did the right thing his perfect world may have been slightly harmed.  Bravery is standing up and doing what you know to be right regardless of the outcome.  That’s bravery in it’s truest sense.  When the board of trustees fired Joe Paterno in November and did not allow him to coach another game that was a brave action.  The board knew there would be public outcry and riots in the streets and they did it anyway because they knew it was the right thing to do.  That is bravery.  Jay Paterno, Joe’s son, had the audacity to go on television and bring up Joe Paterno’s win loss record and graduation rate.  I guess it’s OK that children were raped because Lavar Arrington got his degree.  I guess it’s all OK because Penn State has a national title.  Any real Penn State alumn would gladly give up their degree and all of their wins if they could somehow go back in time and make sure this never happened.  Jay Paterno should be ashamed of himself.  To say Joe Paterno was a good coach is like saying OJ Simpson was a good running back.  Who cares what kind of running back OJ was?  The guy was a murderer.  You shouldn’t care what kind of coach Joe Paterno was because he aided in the murder of the souls of more than 20 young children.  People are asking if the statue of Joe Paterno should be taken down and the answer is of course it should be.  When they fired Joe Paterno Penn State students rioted in the streets.  Yesterday after this report was released they should have done the same.  They should have rioted and marched on down to the statue and tore it right down.  No one can ever walk past that statue and not think of the atrocities that Joe Paterno stood by allowed to happen.  The only way the statue of Joe Paterno should be allowed to stand is if they put an orange jump suit on it because if he were still alive today that’s what he’d be wearing.

Oh I was supposed to do something?

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