Calliope Musicals debut record, “Magic Militia” will be sold by homeless people in a campaign by the band to give back to the Austin community. The album was produced with the help of Affordable Sound and approximately 400 copies were given to homeless people around Austin to sell. All earnings will be kept by the homeless who sell the album. The band has also created a blog that will have a feature on each person that is helping distribute the CD so that you can learn a little bit about them! You can see that at:


I chatted with Carrie Fussell about the project who said,” They are doing us a favor. We dropped off food and gatorade and gave them shirts to wear so people know they can buy a CD from them.” The Austin homeless community were given the album on the 9th but Carrie talked with some of the homeless,”One guy outside my apartment only sold two of them because people thought they were stolen.” If you look at the video on the blog or ever talk to Carrie you can tell right away she loves people. “I wanted to help as a musician it is hard to just give money.” Words from a true people lover. I say keep an eye on this band because I am sure this is not the last time we see her giving back to the community in a new and exciting way.


To support The Magic Militia Project, you must find a homeless person that is selling the CD. Members of The Magic Militia will be on select street corners throughout Austin wearing a white t-shirt that says “Buy a Calliope Musicals CD from me!”  The CD’s do not have a set price so any money you give them they keep. One last word from Carrie, “One of the hardest things for them to get is socks and shoes, so if you could bring them that it would help them a lot.”


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