I’ve decided to collect our greatest hits of the week on Sundays. I’m calling it “our week” but if you have a better name please suggest. It’s an easy way to catch up on all things NEXT. Share your thoughts.

900 Seconds TV tour

Week 323: New Blur (yes new Blur), Cary Brothers covers INXS, 2 groups from New York’s backyard,and you wouldn’t believe what the new Locksley song sounds like (Black Sabbath)

In Like Lions: Live EP from the NEXT charity concert series. Just wow.

LIVE EP from Burlap to Cashmere from their brilliant charity concert. Must hear this. Sounds glorious. Why not come out to the next one on July 20th.

The Other Song: Verve Pipe. A cool idea from Coach. Bands are more than their one hit wonder.

Recipe for Chocolate Banana Crumble

Another recipe – Baked Stuffed Shells plus a shout out to Meiko and her famous turkey meatball making video.

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The joy of random on the iPod in the car with the kids on our way to summer camp: “I was dancing in the lesbian bar

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Happy Independence Day to all of our friends in/from the USA. Remember to follow those safety warnings: Light fuse, get away.

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50 Songs 4th of July MP3s – Non-stop, commercial-free stream –

I wish I remembered my dreams.

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Sorry we gave you the wrong link to our interview with @MusicXray. Here’s the correct one http://mad.ly/9970e2?mimi2=1 we talk about lyrics, film +

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Some one mailed to ask:is it OK to put ice cubes in red wine. I think it’s like skinny dipping w/one’s grandparent. Not forbidden, but wrong

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Addicted mom on baby’s withdrawal: ‘It’s all my fault’. Full #RockCenter report from last night is here

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The Mona Leia? Jabba the Godfather?! Must-See Star Wars Art Clones

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