Thank you for watching. 2 Guys (Jim and Chris). 2 Videos (we each pick a video). 1 Vote (you pick your favorite song/video).

Please share your music festival thoughts.

Episode Seven: Hacienda v Grant-Lee Phillips
Episode Six: Pearl Jam v Frank Turner
Episode Five: Cloud Nothings v Deep Sea Arcade
Episode Four: Manchester Orchestra v Chappo
Episode Three: Meiko v Young Hines
Episode Two Quiet Company v Cage The Elephant
Episode One Black Taxi v Mark Lanegan fronting Soulsavers (I love the end credits with the dumpster dive)

Please support the bands. Buy a CD (or better yet an album), go see them live, buy a tee shirt. Thanks.
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
Django Django

New show every Friday and remember if you love someone hug them right now.


  • I’m starting to think Jim is intentionally trying to sandbag himself! Django Django for the win… better song…much more clever (and far less ridiculous) video.

  • The only festival i’m going to this year is the plesantville music festival. I’m dying to go to the Firefly Music festival and the Newport Folk Festival. I’ve been to Newport a few times but it sold out pretty quickly this year. My crazy festival store is about newport and awesome but not approprite for public. it involves “making friends” with certain band members.

    • Thanks Brig. Tell us how the Pleasantville Fest is. Delta Spirit is amazing.

      It’s good to make friends.

      I can’t find a video on youtube but check out The Ike Reilly Assassination “Let’s Get Friendly”

  • the Django Django song is super cool and I am going to vote for it and download it but that Tiger video is hysterical. I have to find out how to embed it on my FB page!

  • In the Dog Daze of summer – I roll with the Jicks. The first time I heard Pavement was in a pizza shop on First Avenue in NYC – Blew my mind!!! Slanted & Enchanted! Both of these songs are good – wish they had a little more backbone, a bit more meat on the bones – but that’s just a matter of taste! Great show guys – always look forward to what’s NEXT!

    • Thank you Rob W. Slanted & Enchanted-sweet! Are you saying Stephan has lost a little something with age or gained some wisdom with this great video?!

  • This was one of those weeks where the video decided it, not the song. Although I thought the Tiger was a bit of a Wilfred rip-off, I gave it the thumbs-up.

  • Wow! That Django Django song is super catchy. I actually stopped in the middle of cooking to dance and may have slighty overcooked the chicken as a result. But the Stephen Malkmus video was the clear winner, but sorry, Jim, I only vote for the better video in a tie-break scenario.

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