Tuesday 09 Feb 2016

Week 322 The Best Songs of June

Welcome to the best songs that played on NEXT in June. I hope you find a new favorite song.

Remember NEXT is on Ocean 98 WOCM on Sunday nights at 10. We’ll live chat again. Scroll to the bottom of this post to join us.

If you buy your songs on iTunes you can help Next gather a few pennies by clicking on this link to week 322′s playlist on iTunes. (and remember there is a special place in heaven if the click on the link and buy a few songs)

Artist and song title:
A Silent Film – Danny Dakota and the Wishing Well, Saints of Valory – Kids, Young Hines – Can’t Explode, Japadroids – The House That Heaven Built, Diiv – Doused, The Peach Kings – Fisherman, Django Django – Default, Redwire – Live Today Die Tomorrow, Foxy Shazam – I Wanna Be Yours, Milo Greene – 1957, Cat Power – Ruin, Jukebox the Ghost – Don’t Let Me Fall Behind, Edward Sharpe – All Wash Out, Regina Spektor – All The Rowboats, Spirtualized – I Am What I Am


  1. brighid says:

    Can’t wait til sunday. Glad most of my favs made the month.

  2. Chris says:

    We just had a family sing-a-long to this week. Actually considering the first 4 songs more like a scream-a-long. Good times.

    If you like it. Share it. Please.


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