Sunday 14 Feb 2016

Episode 6

Thank you for watching. It’s simple. 2 Guys (Jim and Chris). 2 Videos (we each pick a video). 1 Vote (you pick your favorite song/video). If you like what you hear/see please tell a friend. Thank you.

Episode Five: Cloud Nothings v Deep Sea Arcade
Episode Four: Manchester Orchestra v Chappo
Episode Three: Meiko v Young Hines
Episode Two Quiet Company v Cage The Elephant
Episode One Black Taxi v Mark Lanegan fronting Soulsavers (I love the end credits with the dumpster dive)

Please support the bands. Buy a CD (or better yet an album), go see them live, buy a tee shirt. Thanks.
Pearl Jam
Frank Turner

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  1. Lou says:

    Sorry Mr. Eagle Flight Trainer, but I’m not a big Pearl Jam fan and out of all their songs that one is at the bottom of my list.

  2. Katherine says:

    Big Pearl Jam fan over here. And I LOVE that particular song. I said to myself, “I’ll listen to Chris’s song with an open mind but my mouse is hovering over the Pearl Jam button.”

  3. The Knox Family says:

    we are sooo sorry Chris but we LOVE Pearl Jam.

  4. Rob K says:

    Two weeks in a row now, you’ve made it very tough. I love “If ever I stray,” but the other choice is PJ. Even though “Just Breathe” got a little over-played, there was good reason for that: It’s a great song. My vote goes with Jim this week for Pearl Jam.

  5. BNK Productions says:

    Great songs, but edge to Pearl Jam. Just like the feel from that song

  6. David says:

    Tough one this week, like Frank Turner, but love that PJ song.
    BTW, does Jim have a good fan club number?

  7. Sully says:

    Martha Quinn’s hair was short and silly! But, she was the only VJ to have inspired a Mojo Nixon song.

    Certain bands I can’t imagine voting against. Pearl Jam is one. Another good week guys.


  8. Sachyn says:

    Chris – don’t you win either way if you love Pearl Jam?

    Jim – The SNL version of “Just Breathe” (PJ20 Soundtrack) is superior in my opinion, but its still a great song either way. Are you in the 10Club?

    I’m not gonna say who I voted for but you can maybe infer from my comments!

    • Jim says:

      Love the SNL version as well but something about this video being shot in Seattle that swayed me-Yes a member most of my adult life! Thank you for watching!

  9. Chris says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting everyone. Did you like the questions? The answers? Have any further questions? Ask away.

    and yes Sachyn it’s win-win. Jim’s been picking some great tunes. He introduced me to Young Hines. Loving that cd.

  10. ok – so i voted for Pearl Jam before even listening/viewing Frank Turner. Foolish me! What a choice. Can i vote twice?

  11. Chris says:

    Nice Pamela. Love it but sadly I don’t think there’s a way to vote twice. I think polldaddy watches for that.

  12. Neil says:

    From across the pond here, was at Wembley in April and Frank smashed it. Frank Turner gets my vote!

  13. Huw says:

    Frank Turner is amazing! He’s even better live, amazing sing alongs, gotta have my vote

  14. Chris says:

    Thanks for watching and taking time out to leave a comment Huw. Appreciated greatly.

  15. jerseyjersey says:

    Have to go with Frank Turner. Nothing against PJ, they’ve had their time but if you want to liven up a party or get people smiling you play If I Ever Stray, not newer Pearl Jam stuff.

  16. Brendan says:

    I love both of these artists, but Frank has PJ beat on this one. Just Breathe is one of the weakest songs on Backspacer. Whereas If Ever I Stray is one of the strongest on England Keep My Bones.

  17. Melissa says:

    Got to give it up for Frank Turner. He’s one of my favorite new artists! Although that is a gorgeous Pearl Jam song.

  18. Chris says:

    Thanks Brendan and Melissa.

    and remember this is episode 6 don’t be afraid to check out the first 5. You might find more songs to love.

  19. Michele Prieve Wilkinson says:

    OK, Bulldog, you know I love ya and those lyrics are brilliant, but I love, love, love that Pearl Jam song…sorry!

  20. Chris Bro says:

    Hey Mick. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Make sure to come back for ep 7 too.

    Thank you for watching.

  21. Rob says:

    Jim just can’t get a break –
    I think you need to do a week where you pull the video from the hat and introduce the one you pull. That way, the audience would not know WHO is behind the video –
    Let’s see if people are playing favorites!
    That said – I am loving the music – Great gateway into the music of Frank Turner and I love the simple imagery –

  22. Chris says:

    Thanks Rob. Glad we could be a gateway to new music discovery.

  23. paul g. says:

    tough going up against Pearl Jam, especially such an excellent song. That being said, I think Chris found the video and the artist. Plus, Pearl Jam is cheating . . . . just a little bit?

  24. paul g. says:

    I have you to thank for the education. I am happy you guys had a great time. Next years mix will more black taxi and now some Hacienda

  25. Gajendra says:

    I have yet to read their books, though I have *seen* the debaets on the FIAR boards. So, I have nothing to debate! :) From what I have heard, I am sure I would agree with most of what they have written, for what it’s worth. So glad you visited my blog this week my sweet Texas friend! I am responding to your questions on my blog if ya wanna check back :)


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