900 Seconds Episode 5: “Inching Closer” from Shane Mcgaffey on Vimeo.

Thank you for watching. It’s simple. 2 Guys (Jim and Chris). 2 Videos (we each pick a video). 1 Vote (you pick your favorite song/video). One small favor…if you like what you hear/see please tell a friend. Thank you.

Episode Four: Manchester Orchestra v Chappo
Episode Three: Meiko v Young Hines
Episode Two Quiet Company v Cage The Elephant
Episode One Black Taxi v Mark Lanegan fronting Soulsavers (I love the end credits with the dumpster dive)

Please support the bands. Buy a CD (or better yet an album), go see them live, buy a tee shirt. Thanks.
Cloud Nothings
Deep Sea Arcade

New show every Friday and remember if you love someone hug them right now.


  • SOLID!
    I know I have to choose a side (band) each week, but I look forward to the weekly throw-down!!! Who is with me out there in cyber-land???
    Ok – this week Cloud Nothings gets my vote, because any band that can achieve a few moments of raw Replacement’s unabashed Fender abuse (sounds like a Fender) is king in my book.
    What I LOVE about this show is that it introduces me to music that is truly Under the Radar today, but could be mainstream tomorrow – in the Black Keys sense of mainstream. You guys are keeping us in front of the wave. For that – I salute you! Also, rumor has it that you train with the guys who train the actors on True Blood — ??? Are you planning a topless show, or something? I am not asking for it – just checking the truth of the rumor mill. I will now go back to my yoga poses as prescribed by Guru Jim in one of his past incarnations.

  • Thanks Brig glad you liked both.

    Love the comments Rob. As for the shirtless episode…I’m sure the former guru could pull it off. Father time has caught up to me though. It’s best to keep me covered up. I’m sure if you chatted with college friends you’d be able to find something. Or at least stories.

  • Both songs featured on a little show with big balls called Next. But Jim gets my vote this week. BTW does he even read these???

  • Love both videos but I have to go with Deep Sea Arcade- and then download it! Lead singer reminds me of a cross between Davy Jones and Noel Gallagher. Nice work guys- love finding new favorites!!

  • Well played gentlemen, two very worthy songs! But my vote goes with the Jim this week for the Cloud Nothings.

    Stay Useless, is a candidate for song of the year for me. It’s what rock n roll is all about!

    • We were in The Temple Bar Sunday and saw Dave Browne together with Sharon O’Brien, Clare Peelo and Jenny Duffy plianyg. It was marveless.Back in the Netherlands I followed Dave on my laptop.Congratulations with this record of gitar play. We enjoyed it very much to be in the Temple Bar with all the music, the gitar play and especially the record by Dave.Love from Hans & Antoinette.

  • By the way, yes, I know the single, Stay Useless was released at the end of 2011 – but the album was January – so, song of the year still holds for me! 😉

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