Welcome to another week of us trying to find you a NEXT new favorite song. Remember NEXT is on Ocean 98 WOCM on Sunday nights at 10. We’ll live chat again. Scroll to the bottom of this post to join us.

If you buy your songs on iTunes you can help Next gather a few pennies by clicking on this link to week 319′s playlist on iTunes. Thanks. (and remember there is a special place in heaven if the click on the link and buy a few songs)

Artist and song title:
The Hives – Wait a Minute, Foxy Shazam – I Wanna Be Yours, Manchester Orchestra – I’ve Got Friends, Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built, Redwire – Live Today Die Tomorrow, Joe Walsh – One Day At a Time, Regina Spektor – All The Rowboats, ZZ Top – Chartreuse, Noah (LMFAO Cover), Tanlines – All of Me, Neil Young – Oh Susannah, Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Rosalee, Patti Smith – Fuji San

and remember if you love someone hug them right now.


  • The covers rocked this week, Neil Young is the only one that could pull this off. Noah was brilliant.

    Loving Regina and Tanlines so far too!

  • This week is loaded with hard loud rock songs.
    I wil start selecting songs by genre.
    Favorite hard rock is live today die tomorrow .
    Favorite classic rock is Joe Walsh.
    Favorite cover is NOAH, So far my song of the week.
    Rosalie may take fewer more listenings

  • Initially thought that Regina was Fiona. Any plans to play her (Fiona’s) new stuff? BTW (so sorry for the abbreviations)…I recently read the NYTimes story about Fiona and am still trying to figure out if she is nuts or not….

    Anyway, great week! Plus, so glad that I finally made it to a charity concert.

    Rock on!

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