Next is back on the radio. Thank you music lovers at Ocean 98 (Ocean City, Maryland). You can listen Sundays at 10 PM (Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a live chat during the broadcast). Ok let’s find you a new favorite song.

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Artist and song title:
Saints of Valory – Kids
The Cult – Lucifer
Young Hines – Can’t Explode
A Silent Film – Danny Dakota and the Wishing Well
The Afghan Whigs – See and Don’t See
Soulsavers (featuring Dave Gahan) – In the Morning
The Walkmen – Heaven
DIIV – Doused
Django Django – Default
Here We Go Magic – How Do I Know
Florence + The Machine – Wild Life (Talking Heads Cover)
Dave Matthews Band – Gaucho
The National –The Rains of Castamere
Orange Grove – Some Things Last Forever


  • You know I never say anything bad because you do so much work and research but this week’s cover is forgettable. A few more listens and I will give you the positives and there will be many.

  • The two songs that stood out for me were:
    Django Django – Default
    Here We Go Magic – How Do I Know

  • Agreed Tom. Those two make me happy too.

    and hey Lou I do ask for the good the bad and the ugly. You have the ugly covered. Hopefully there are a few goods.

  • The Ok: Sousavers
    The Walkmen
    Here We Go Magic
    Dave Mathews Band (Not a huge fan of his)

    The good: Saints of Valory
    The Cult
    Young Hines
    Afghan Wigs
    Django Django
    Orange Grove

    The Great : A Silent Wish

    The oh boy what happened: Florence and the Machine
    The National

    Please note that the songs on the “OK” list can be moved to good or great after a few more listens.

  • The very good song uncontested is Soulsavers’ in the morning
    Ugly is Lucifer they should have kept it underground.
    Good are the Afghan wigs
    Thebad is Florence and the machine
    I leave it raining in Castamere.

  • So cool that you added Rains of Castamere. I’m a huge GoT fan and that song is such a big part of the books. The song played during the credits of the 2nd to last episode this season and it was perfect. That said, not sure I would, you know, listen to it in my car or anything lol.

  • Thanks Pamela and lIsa. Agreed with The National song. Sometimes I feel I need to play something even if it doesn’t fit. I’m quite sure that will be the only time you’ll hear it on the radio.

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