I’m starting up a new segment (for lack of a better term) here on the corner and I’m calling “The Other Song”.  This is where I will feature a band that is mostly famous for one song.  No that’s not the song I’m going to be focusing on.  I’ll be focusing on the other song.  For every one hit wonder there’s a second song that didn’t quite make it for whatever reason.  Sometimes the song actually sucks, sometimes it’s something else.  Today’s “other song” comes to us from the band Seven Mary Three.  We all rocked out to their 90’s classic “Cumbersome”.  That was pretty much all we heard from the boys in Seven Mary Three but like all one hit wonders they did have a follow up single.  The follow up was a song called “Water’s Edge”.  The reason this one wasn’t quite as popular was pretty much because it’s a sucky song.  It’s not all that bad I guess it’s just that the lyrics are kinda weird and, for lack of a better term, not good.  I’m not quite sure what the story he’s trying to tell is but I think someone died and of corse it all happened by the water’s edge.  Well Maybe I should just let you judge.  Is it any good?  The song is below.

Seven Mary Three – Water’s Edge


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